NXIVM attorneys pressed criminal case - 2015-10-11

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F0.png NXIVM attorneys pressed criminal case October 11, 2015, Brendan J. Lyons, Albany Times Union

Attorneys for the secretive NXIVM corporation were heavily involved in a State Police investigation that resulted in criminal charges against four people accused of hacking into the organization's computer system, according to court records.

Records from the two-year investigation, which began in April 2012, indicate the State Police's lead investigator in the case, Rodger Kirsopp, had contact dozens of times with NXIVM's attorneys, who pressured him to file criminal charges. The records show NXIVM officials, and their attorneys, also provided much of the evidence used by Kirsopp to build the unusual criminal case against the four defendants, all of whom were considered adversaries of NXIVM.

By the time the investigation ended in March 2014, three attorneys from the Albany law firm of O'Connell & Aronowitz, whose attorneys have represented NXIVM for years, had contact with the investigator more than 30 times, including attending interviews he conducted with NXIVM employees and delivering documents and other evidence, including computer records, to the investigator's State Police barracks in Clifton Park.

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