NYT Examines Most "Active" Among "Shadowy Army" of Nonprofits - 2010-09-27

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F0.png NYT Examines Most "Active" Among "Shadowy Army" of Nonprofits September 27, 2010, Liz Cox Barrett, Columbia Journalism Review

On Friday, the New York Times's Mike McIntire provided a detailed look at Americans for Job Security, one among, as McIntire wrote, a "shadow army of benignly titled nonprofit groups" that come "with every election cycle." Why focus on this one?

For one thing, Americans for Job Security (AJS) has been the most "active" such group thus far, having spent, McIntire reports, "$6 million on ads during the primary season" (see this Washington Post chart for spending details). For another, the Alaska Public Offices Commission last year took an "extensive look at the operations of Americans for Job Security," an inquiry which was used, via public information request, to inform and enhance the Times's examination — and which, together with "a review of [the group's] recent activities," McIntire wrote, "provides a rare look inside the opaque world of these ascendant advocacy organizations."

From McIntire's lede:

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