Narconon Drug Abuse Prevention Program Evaluation - 2005-01-01

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F0.png Narconon Drug Abuse Prevention Program Evaluation January 1, 2005, California Department of Education

The CHKRC prepared the NDAP evaluation report with input from written independent evaluations from medical, scientific, and health education exerts. The outside evaluations were advisory to the CHKRC. Narconon program materials were independently reviewed by fourteen reviewers and three CHKRC staff. Reviewers included five doctors (M.D.s), four board certified in pediatrics and adolescent medicine and/or with specific expertise in addiction and substance abuse; two doctors (Ph.Ds) with expertise in child and adolescent development; one doctor (Ph.D.) with expertise in prevention research and program evaluation of substance abuse programs. Reviewers also included nine school health education specialists (with teaching credentials and/or masters level health or education degrees) including elementary, middle, and high school teachers, university faculty, and school district/county office of education tobacco, alcohol, and other drug abuse prevention education coordinators.

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