Narconon Head Cites Support - 1992-01-27

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F231.png Narconon Head Cites Support January 27, 1992, Gary Smith, News OK

TO THE EDITOR: The state of Oklahoma spends about $40 million on drug and alcohol rehab services each year. There are currently only 1,311 beds available while the numbers of people needing rehabilitation services are many times higher. No one can deny there is a serious drug problem in this state. Drugs ruin lives, increase crime and destroy families.

Drugs are a deadly problem. Funding to solve the problem is a problem. Inadequate facilities are a problem.

Narconon Chilocco has invested more than $3 million in the local community, at no cost to the state, for renovating and operating its leased campus and employing, at peak times, more than 100 local residents. We are now forced to incur legal fees in excess of $500,000 for projected litigation regarding certification which may take years to resolve.

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