Narconon head suggests conspiracy - 1992-04-06

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F23.png Narconon head suggests conspiracy April 6, 1992, AP, Tulsa World

The president of a drug treatment center ordered closed by the state claims an apparent conspiracy is behind the Narconon center's inability to get certification.

"There's a lot of different players in this but they're all kind of hooked together," says Narconon Chilocco New Life Center president Gary Smith.

But a local newspaper publisher and a state legislator, both highly critical of the center, said they will continue their scrutiny despite what they called efforts to silence them.

"They're trying to shift the emphasis primarily off of them and onto somebody or anybody else," Newkirk Herald-Journal publisher Robert Lobsinger said of the center.

"They have a tradition of trying to assassinate the reputation of their critics."

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