Narconon punished, stripped of defense in civil case - 2012-11-09

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F0.png Narconon punished, stripped of defense in civil case November 9, 2012, Pete Combs, WSB Radio

After filing suit in May of 2010, the Desmonds have spent two years trying to find answers about how and why Patrick died. Their lawyer said he is frustrated because at every turn, he has met with resistance, deception and disappearing evidence.

"There were documents that we asked for in discovery and they… said 'We don't have any such documents,'" said the Desmonds' attorney, Jeff Harris. "We determined later that they do. There clearly were documents that were responsive to the written discovery requests, which you have to respond to under oath, that had never been produced before. We had to find out about them other ways."

Judge Stacey Hydrick also concluded that Narconon Executive Director Mary Rieser lied in as many as ten depositions when she "repeatedly failed to produce, and on multiple occasions falsely denied the existence of clearly relevant, responsive documents and information."

Finally, Hydrick concluded that, when she asked Rieser on the stand about the omissions and false declarations, Narconon's leader was simply not credible in her responses. In other words, she failed to tell the truth.

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