Neo-Nazi 'Fixer' of the Alt-Right Identified - 2021-06-21

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F0.png Neo-Nazi 'Fixer' of the Alt-Right Identified June 21, 2021, Michael Edison Hayden, Southern Poverty Law Center

Kreider inhabits the online pseudonym of "Jayoh De La Rey," or simply "Jayoh," the sources told Hatewatch. He first emerged as an internet personality alongside members of The Right Stuff (TRS), a white nationalist podcasting network and extreme far-right organization. Headed by a man named Michael Peinovich, TRS built up a network of private meetups across the country during Donald Trump's rise as a political figure. The group relies heavily on internet pseudonyms to keep its members' identities secret. As Jayoh, Kreider served as a crucial organizer, helping from behind the scenes to advise white nationalists on how to stay pseudonymous, and recommending how to protect themselves if antiracist activists ascertained their real-life identities, the sources told Hatewatch. (Hatewatch has chosen to grant anonymity to the sources named in this story to protect them from retaliation.)

Anonymous Comrades Collective, a group of antifascist activists, also submitted social media profiles of a "Jim Kreider," and apparent family members, to Hatewatch for review. Hatewatch then connected images from those social media profiles to private photos obtained through the sources who knew Jayoh through the white nationalist movement. The photos also appeared to match images of a man who appeared alongside white nationalists at such events as the deadly "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August 2017.

Hatewatch could not find Kreider or his contact information to seek comment from him. Kreider, operating as Jayoh, sometimes co-hosts podcasts with suspended State Department official Matthew Q. Gebert, a TRS affiliate Hatewatch identified in 2019. Hatewatch reached out to Gebert for a comment on Kreider, but he did not respond. Kreider is the seventh pseudonymous personality associated with Peinovich and his group TRS that Hatewatch has identified since the start of that year. Hatewatch contacted Peinovich's lawyer for a comment, but he did not reply. In 2019, Peinovich sent Hatewatch a cease-and-desist letter after receiving a request for comment about a leaked video of TRS members burning books around a fire while shouting "white sharia" and performing Hitler salutes. Hatewatch also attempted to reach Kreider through his family members on Facebook.

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