New MPP Oosterhoff calls parenting bill 'horrible legislation' - 2016-11-29

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F94.png New MPP Oosterhoff calls parenting bill 'horrible legislation' November 29, 2016, Kristin Rushowy, Toronto Star

He's not even been sworn in and already he's breaking with his leader. Newly elected MPP Sam Oosterhoff told the Star that if he had been able to vote on Bill 28, he would "definitely not have supported" it — even though a day earlier Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown said he expected his caucus to vote in favour of the legislation giving same sex couples and those who use reproductive technology legal recognition as parents.

Oosterhoff, Brown said Tuesday, is a "team player . . . we fully expect him to support the direction that I'm taking the party and I have confidence that he will." But in an interview, the 19-year-old MPP called it a "horrible piece of legislation" and said while all parents need to be respected the bill, as is, "can lead to litigation on the child." The All Families are Equal Act, the first update of parentage laws since 1978, passed unanimously Tuesday. It means same-sex parents will no longer have to go to court — spending thousands — to get legal recognition, allowing them to register births in the same way heterosexual couples do. The new legislation also means a birth parent can enter into a parenting agreement with up to three others before a child is conceived.

New Democrat MPP Cheri DiNovo, whose private member's bill inspired the legislation, said it has taken more than a decade to make these changes as ordered by an Ontario Superior Court.

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