New Proud Boy Rules: Less Fighting, Less Wanking - 2018-11-27

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F375.png New Proud Boy Rules: Less Fighting, Less Wanking November 27, 2018, Will Sommer, Daily Beast

The new leaders of the far-right Proud Boys "fraternity" are scrambling to improve the group's image after founder Gavin McInnes claimed he was quitting last week, introducing new rules that downplay the group's penchant for violence and prepare the group for the potential of future law enforcement action.

But not everyone in the Proud Boys is on board with the rules. One prominent member from the group's militant wing who wants to take the group in a more racist direction claims he's really the one in charge—and that he won't let "a few losers who think they own the Proud Boys" take over.

Vice magazine co-founder McInnes launched the Proud Boys in 2016, claiming that the group would be a contemporary version of men's clubs like the Elks, but devoted to "the West." Like other men's clubs, the Proud Boys came with a complicated, bizarre hierarchy that required members to submit to a number of rules, including a "beat-in" hazing ritual where members have to call out the names of cereal brands while they're punched.

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