New claims of Scientology abuse - 2010-05-19

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F81.png New claims of Scientology abuse May 19, 2010, Timothy McDonald, ABC News (Australia)

TIMOTHY MCDONALD: Scarlet Hanna's parents are both senior members of the Scientology's Australian branch and part of an elite unit known as Sea Org.

Many children of Sea Org members grew up in what's known as Cadet Org.

SCARLET HANNA: The best way I can describe it is cattle. We were property of the organisation although they would like to say that we weren't, we were.

TIMOTHY MCDONALD: Scarlett Hanna says Cadet Org children lived in separate homes in overcrowded conditions without adequate food or medical care and were granted only 20 minutes each night with their parents.

At the age of 13 she was kicked out of the Cadet Org and sent to live with adults from the Sea Org in an inner Sydney home.

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