No, Gerald Butts doesn't have $23 million - 2019-07-16

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F99.png No, Gerald Butts doesn't have $23 million July 16, 2019, Emma McIntosh, National Observer

Butts — who was Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's principal secretary until he resigned in February amid the SNC-Lavalin scandal — has publicly refuted the claim. There's no evidence supporting it, and its origins are murky at best. So why did Theo Fleury, a retired NHL star and advocate for survivors of child abuse, think otherwise?

"How did Gerald Butts amass $23 million as a public servant??? We should investigate," Fleury tweeted at Butts on Sunday. Several people immediately pointed out that the number isn't true, and its dubious origins, but Fleury doubled down.

"It's absolutely not true," Butts told National Observer. "My kids wish it were."

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