Only Itself to Blame: The Church of Scientology - 2009-09-01

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F0.png Only Itself to Blame: The Church of Scientology September 1, 2009, Malcolm Knox, The Monthly

In the Scientology case, the High Court defined religion in Australia. A religion had to have belief in a supernatural being or principle and "canons of conduct that give effect to that belief". It had to have a building and a paid minister and it had to be open to the public.

It is in this spirit, then, that the Sydney Church of Scientology was obligated to accept me again when I visited for a Sunday service some weeks after my personality test.

The service was held in a room in the Surry Hills building. Two walls were covered with a crimson curtain. A third wall had a bookcase containing six trophies awarded to the 'Sydney Org'. There was a lectern and a wooden Scientology cross. Eighteen plastic chairs were lined up for the congregants. Ten came. All, including myself, attended as single individuals. None came with partners or family. Most were men.

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