Ontario's attack ads slide past federal rules - 2019-05-15

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F94.png Ontario's attack ads slide past federal rules May 15, 2019, Susan Delacourt, Toronto Star

Doug Ford's new wave of TV and radio ads attacking the federal carbon pricing scheme are exposing a hole in the laws covering political advertising in this country — a hole the size of a large, gas-guzzling vehicle.

Provincial governments are not factored in as players in any rules governing spending on political ads at the federal level, so technically and legally, Ontario's premier has more freedom to fight Justin Trudeau on the ad front this year than Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer does.

The same goes for new Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, or any of the other Conservative premiers lined up against Trudeau at the first ministers' table. If they decide to form a united Conservative advertising front for Scheer and against Trudeau, the ad-spending limits in the federal election go out the window.

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