Ontario: Open for business? - 2019-10-02

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F0.png Ontario: Open for business? October 2, 2019, Quito Maggi, iPolitics

"As the battleground ridings move out past the GTA to the traditional Conservative stronghold ridings, the issues driving votes become less clear. While we've mostly observed climate change ahead of economic issues as the primary drivers, this may not be the case in these ridings. The past spring, however, saw floods in many parts of Ontario which had not occurred in a very long time."

Ontario is where all political parties need to be at least competitive if they hope to form government in Canada. The country's most populous province, it's home to 121 of the 338 seats in the House of Commons, a good number of which are located in the broader Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. Also dubbed the "Golden Horseshoe," this area is where many of the most important battleground ridings are located.

The Liberals have had a great deal of success in Ontario traditionally, and tend to dominate the urban centres of Toronto and Ottawa, sometimes with the NDP in contention. The PCs, Conservatives and other iterations of Canada's conservative movements have done well in Ontario as well, though largely in rural and suburban seats that circle the urban centres.

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