Ontario Proud and the Proud Boys make us anything but proud - 2017-07-13

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F0.png Ontario Proud and the Proud Boys make us anything but proud July 13, 2017, Dale Peacock, Opinion, Huntsville Doppler

The Proud Boys is a fairly obvious symbol of far right, white male entitlement. They describe themselves as 'Western chauvinists who refuse to apologize for creating the modern world', who 'venerate the housewife' and refuse to feel 'racial guilt'. When I look at their website I feel as though I've fallen into a 1950s worm-hole.

The founder of this historically challenged group of misfits is Gavin McInnes, a right-wing provocateur who may or may not have started out by pulling our leg but who now embraces an I-refuse-to-be-politically-correct shtick which allows him to pursue a racist and misogynist agenda. He tends to chuckle as he says outrageous things, including that "domestic violence is usually just some c*** trying to ruin a guy's life" – which I guess is supposed to tell us that he's only half kidding? Are you kidding me?

McInnes writes and does podcasts for Rebel Media, which has its own creepy founder in Ezra Levant, who among other oddball proposals suggests limiting masturbation. (He sees that activity as a waste of sperm which could better be used to impregnate the little woman.) The trouble with saying silly things is that it has the effect of diverting us from things that are important – like his numerous anti-Semitic rants. To paint a picture quickly, Levant is the Canadian answer to the equally detestable Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh in the US.

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