Oosterhoff wrong to consort with McVety - 2019-01-04

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F0.png Oosterhoff wrong to consort with McVety January 4, 2019, Editorial, St. Catharines Standard

It started last month when Gill — a married, gay man — saw Oosterhoff sharing a Toronto stage with Premier Doug Ford and Charles McVety, a controversial evangelical preacher who in the past has attacked gay marriage as the product of the "militant homosexual agenda."

Anyone, even an MPP, is entitled to his or her own religious views. But in public, everyone — especially MPPs and others who represent the community — should be considerate and respectful of others.

McVety who is president of Canada Christian College, is no run-of-the-mill evangelical preacher. He is perhaps best known for dismissive, denigrating remarks he has made about gays and the homosexual community.

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