Opposing Scientology - 2008-03-12

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F0.png Opposing Scientology March 12, 2008, St. John Barned-Smith, Philadelphia Weekly

At first it was difficult to take the protesters seriously. Most looked like well-dressed nerds who've spent way too much time watching V for Vendetta or Hackers. They were decked out like the Matrix's Agent Smith, but wearing Guy Fawkes masks, bandannas -- even a plastic horse head.

On Saturday a crowd of more than 200 protesters staged a demonstration outside the Church of Scientology's new base of operations in Philadelphia, a vaguely art deco 12-story tower on Chestnut Street between 13th and Broad. Most of the protesters came from an online organization that calls itself "Anonymous" -- so-named because it recognizes no leader, and any Internet user can join the group.

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