PCCAD pulls anti-drug program funded by Scientology - 2017-09-05

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F0.png PCCAD pulls anti-drug program funded by Scientology September 5, 2017, Natalie Sanders, Waynesville Daily Guide

The Truth About Drugs is an anti-drug curriculum created by an organization named Drug Free World. Drug Free World appears to be a department under the Church of Scientology and admitted, when asked by PCCAD that the Church of Scientology is its "largest contributor."

The Church of Scientology is a controversial religion that has had some criticism from former members, including former celebrity members, who have made accusations against the church. More recently, actress Leah Remini has had a television documentary series entitled "Scientology and the Aftermath," where former members of the church discuss their experiences with it.

Steven Bales, Director of PCCAD, sat down with the Daily Guide Monday morning to talk about the organization's decision to pull the program.

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