Parlez-vous Scientologist? - 2015-07-24

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F345.png Parlez-vous Scientologist? July 24, 2015, Oliver Burkeman, The Guardian

One of the strange things about Scientologists – and yes, I'm aware this sentence could end in several thousand legitimate ways – is their use of language. Recently, an interview in a Scientology magazine with the actor Laura Prepon was leaked online, and arguably it didn't matter much, since it was impossible to understand. Prepon spoke of undertaking the "purification rundown", eliminating "mis-emotions" by "doing my objectives", and explained how much easier life becomes "when you really cognate that you are a Thetan". Other Scientologists talk of "enturbulation" and "alter-isness", "randomity" and "out ethics", almost as if their entire religion were dreamed up (cognated?) by a pulp sci-fi author pulling everyone's leg.

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