Part 1 of 2 Scientology Ccorp Carley Crutchfiled rip off - 2011-01-03

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F355.png Part 1 of 2 Scientology Ccorp Carley Crutchfiled rip off January 3, 2011, anonmonk, YouTube

Larraine Bell from Thornlands (Brisbane, Australia) had already suffered major trauma and loss by the time she had met Steve Fagan an employee of CCORP acting on behalf of Carly Crutchfield. This is her story of what happened next.

"Carly Crutchfield is a Scientologist, her whole family is. Carly Crutchfield has been indoctrinated for over ten years (ie brain washed) much of this in the Sea Organization on a 12 hour a day work schedule. She was removed from school at 12 or 13 like MANY Scientology children. Carly Crutchfield grew up within the inner sanctum of Scientology, and was trained as a Commodores Messenger within the CMO or the Commodores Messenger Organization or the CMO. This is "rank" given to Sea Org kids of executives. In this position she worked as a part of the extended staff of David Miscavage, the head of the church of Scientology although it is unlikely she ever met him. CMO kids are known for thier obnoxiousness and quietly hated withing Scientology organizations — they are analogous to Hitler youth in their level of brainwashing and adulation to the leader, ie L Ron Hubbard.

I GUARANTEE you she is still using Scientology in her daily life and therefore consciously screwing people over for money and finding all manner of justification for it. I also guarantee that these charities that the money is supposed to go back to will all be Scientology front groups.

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