People in the News - 1990-11-26

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F372.png People in the News November 26, 1990, Associated Press

WICHITA, KAN. WICHITA, Kan. (AP) _ "Cheers" star Kirstie Alley said her whole life changed when she broke free of drug addiction.

"It changed my relationship with my family," she said. "I started telling the truth, which was a big difference for me. I started having real relationships. I married a really hot-looking guy. I started a career rather late in life from what most actors and actresses start their careers."

Alley, who spent the Thanksgiving weekend with relatives in Wichita, said she has been drug free since entering the Narconon program in Los Angeles in 1979. On Sunday, she and her husband, actor Parker Stevenson, visited Narconon Chilocco, the group's new drug rehabilitation center outside Newkirk, Okla.

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