Pierre Poilievre's dangerous dance with a Diagolon extremist - 2022-08-23

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F99.png Pierre Poilievre's dangerous dance with a Diagolon extremist August 23, 2022, Max Fawcett, National Observer

If you aren't already familiar with something called the "Diagolon" movement, well, you will be. That's because Pierre Poilievre, the prohibitive favourite in the Conservative Party of Canada's leadership race, was photographed at a recent event with its founder, Jeremy MacKenzie. A far-right activist and former member of the Canadian military who was arrested earlier this year on numerous weapons charges, MacKenzie is at the forefront of an increasingly dangerous community of anti-government agitators. And for some reason, he wanted to have his picture taken with Poilievre.

The name Diagolon refers to the imaginary nation MacKenzie and his followers have created, one that runs from Alaska to Florida. As the Canadian Anti-Hate Network's Peter Smith and Mathew Kriner noted in a piece on the movement, this imaginary nation is "unencumbered by the sinister burdens of communism, moral degeneracy, and the World Economic Forum." But that's more than just a bad joke. As they write, the online community of pro-Diagolon livestreamers and their audience "have grown into an anti-government movement with militant accelerationist overtones."

"Militant accelerationism" is, according to Kriner, "a set of tactics and strategies designed to put pressure on and exacerbate latent social divisions, often through violence, thus hastening societal collapse." Other similar militant accelerationists include the "Boogaloo Movement," a group of American anti-government and anti-police agitators who believe in the inevitability (and necessity) of a future civil war, and the Atomwaffen Division, which the Southern Poverty Law Centre describes as "a series of terror cells that work toward civilizational collapse."

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