Pierre Poilievre: The Minister of Nepean-Carleton - 2012-10-26

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F0.png Pierre Poilievre: The Minister of Nepean-Carleton October 26, 2012, Chloe Fèdio, Ottawa Citizen

Poilievre was a member of the Reform Party before he was old enough to vote. He supported the movement to unite the right to end the small-c conservative vote splitting that was making it easier for the Liberals to hang on to power.

It was a road that brought him to Ottawa in 2002, where less than two years later he knocked off Liberal heavyweight David Pratt, the sitting defence minister of the day, to become the youngest MP in the House of Commons.

It didn't take him long to make his mark as a hyper-partisan politician always ready with Tory talking points to deflect opposition barbs with well-rehearsed, often chippy Tory talking points.

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