Pierre Poilievre vs. Pierre Trudeau - 2022-04-07

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F99.png Pierre Poilievre vs. Pierre Trudeau April 7, 2022, Max Fawcett, National Observer

As a lifelong Conservative and son of Alberta who was born in Calgary just as the National Energy Program was being created, there are probably few politicians Pierre Poilievre dislikes more than Pierre Trudeau. It's ironic, then, that he appears to be following a similar path as the former Liberal prime minister.

In the early months of 1968, the phenomenon that would later be known as "Trudeaumania" swept across Canada's political landscape with a force and fury that few thought possible at the time. Now, more than 50 years later, Poilievre is threatening to pull off a similar feat.

Canada may not be ready for "Poilievremania" just yet, but the massive crowds showing up to his rallies are a clear sign the Conservative Party of Canada is embracing him with a similar degree of enthusiasm.

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