Police Intelligence Document Spreads Antifa Conspiracy Theory - 2020-06-11

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F0.png Police Intelligence Document Spreads Antifa Conspiracy Theory June 11, 2020, Joseph Cox, Vice News

In an interagency communication sent to local police departments earlier this month, an official with a Washington-state fusion center told cops to look out for members of Antifa traveling to their cities to potentially riot. These claims are unsubstantiated and have largely been debunked across the country.

The news signals how what amounts to a conspiracy theory has permeated through local communities, right through federal law enforcement, and up to the President. Antifa is not an official, centralized group, and instead a general movement of activists who have anti-fasicst worldviews, although President Trump has expressed willingness to designate it as a terrorist organization.

"We are getting requests to follow-up on potential ANTIFA groups coming to local jurisdictions for an unknown purpose, potentially to agitate crowds and create an environment for rioting," a June 2 Get The Word Out (GTWO) alert written by Lieutenant Curt Boyle, director of the Washington State Fusion Center, reads. Fusion Centers are state-operated organizations that aggregate and share law enforcement and surveillance information between state, local, and federal agencies. Motherboard obtained the document through a public records act request.

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