Portland, Oregon, braces itself for large right-wing rally - 2020-09-26

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F125.png Portland, Oregon, braces itself for large right-wing rally September 26, 2020, Associated Press, The Independent

At least several thousand people are expected in Portland Oregon on Saturday for a right-wing rally in support of President Donald Trump and his "law and order" reelection campaign as tensions boil over nationwide following the decision not to charge officers in Louisville, Kentucky, for killing Breonna Taylor

The Proud Boys a group that has been designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, described it as a free speech event to support Trump and the police, restore law and order and condemn anti-fascists, "domestic terrorism" and "violent gangs of rioting felons" in the streets. Local and state elected officials forcefully condemned the event and rushed to shore up law enforcement ranks as left-wing groups organized several rallies to oppose the Proud Boys' message.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown on Friday said she was sending state troopers to help the Portland police and was creating a unified command structure among city, regional and state law enforcement — a tactic that essentially circumvents a city ban on the use of tear gas as a crowd-control measure. The state police said a "massive influx" of troopers would be in Portland by Saturday morning.

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