Portland Shooting Victim Identified As Aaron Danielson - 2020-09-01

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F0.png Portland Shooting Victim Identified As Aaron Danielson September 1, 2020, Clarissa-Jan Lim, BuzzFeed News

A man who was shot and killed following clashes between Trump supporters and anti-racism protesters in Portland, Oregon, on Saturday night has been identified as 39-year-old Aaron J. Danielson, a Portland resident.

Danielson appeared to have been at the protests with Patriot Prayer, a far-right pro-Trump group active in the Pacific Northwest that the Southern Poverty Law Center says has frequently engaged in violent skirmishes with political opponents.

Associated Press wire photos from the scene show Danielson wearing a Patriot Prayer hat and shorts with a patch indicating support for "Blue Lives Matter," a pro-police slogan created in response to Black Lives Matter.

Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson also identified Danielson as the man who was killed, referring to him as "Jay" on Facebook.

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