Pressure mounts for Scientology inquiry - 2009-11-19

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F73.png Pressure mounts for Scientology inquiry November 19, 2009, Jacob Saulwick, Sydney Morning Herald

In the eight letters tabled by Senator Xenophon, former Scientologists talk about paying, or extorting from others, hundreds of thousands of dollars to remain in the church. Those working for the church were routinely denied money for medical treatment, the letters claim. The exception was for abortions.

Carmel Underwood, who worked for the church for 11 years, said she was put under "extreme pressure" to have an abortion, because having a child would impede her work. Another letter writer, Aaron Saxton, talks about "forced abortions".

Mr Saxton said he assisted in the "forced confinement and torture" of a female Scientologist who had been removed to a farm in western NSW.

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