Proclamation To Scientology For Freedom and Reform - 2017-11-12

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F355.png Proclamation To Scientology For Freedom and Reform November 12, 2017, Brian Sheen, YouTube

This is a Martin Luther Inspired Proclamation To The "Church" of Scientology posted on the doors of The Church Of Scientology in Miami To Restore Truth, Justice and The Constitutional and Human Rights of All Members and Non-Members. This has been inspired by the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther's world changing event of posting of his 95 These on the doors of the All Saints Church in Wittenberg Germany to begin the Protestant Reformation.

Brian Sheen, is a former member and declared Suppressive Person (SP) of the "church." Currently he is a best selling author, alternative therapist and researcher. He is asking the Church of Scientology to open discussion of their disconnection, fair game and indulgences practices that rip families apart as well as other immoral practices they engage in such as childhood labor and fraudulent misrepresentations of abilities which can be gained.

Brian Sheen has been prevented from speaking to his daughter Springsong Sheen Atkinson-Baker for the past two and half years. He has also been prevented from seeing his newborn grandson, Leo, since his birth two months ago. Publicly the "church" represents the opposite of what they actually do to prevent their members questioning, discussing or investigating ANY of its representations or principles.

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