Proud Boys, The GOP And 'The Fascist Creep' - 2018-10-18

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F0.png Proud Boys, The GOP And 'The Fascist Creep' October 18, 2018, Christopher Mathias, Huffington Post

NEW YORK — Gavin McInnes, the founder of the violent neo-fascist gang the Proud Boys, had a perplexing message for the Republican Party last Friday. "At the very least, people of the right," he told a crowd inside the Metropolitan Republican Club ballroom, "let us scum in."

It was a baffling thing to say, of course, because McInnes had been invited to speak at the club, a storied and stuffy mainstream conservative institution on Manhattan's Upper East Side.

The Metropolitan Republican Club has historically been a place for the traditional elite. Over the past century, presidents, senators, governors and mayors have walked through its doors, including club members Teddy Roosevelt, Richard Nixon and Michael Bloomberg. But on Friday night, it was a hipster nationalist militant behind the club's podium: McInnes, a hateful and vulgar vlogger from Canada who likes to play with his butt on camera.

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