Psychiatry vs Scientology vs Anonymous - 2009-05-19

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F0.png Psychiatry vs Scientology vs Anonymous May 19, 2009, Peter Aldhous, Short Sharp Science, New Scientist

was expecting fireworks. The American Psychiatric Association is meeting in San Francisco, and that presence has attracted the attention of two warring factions.

First, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, closely linked to the Church of Scientology, has hired a venue close to the Moscone Center, where the psychiatrists are gathering, to display its exhibit Psychiatry: An Industry of Death.

No surprise there, for anyone familiar with the Scientologists' campaign against psychiatric medicine. But things got a little more interesting when a press release from the protest group Anonymous landed in my inbox, promising that "also in attendance on the City's streets and sidewalks will be plenty of members of the 'Anonymous' anti-Scientology activist network".

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