Publisher Victorious on Hubbard Biography - 1990-05-27

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F37.png Publisher Victorious on Hubbard Biography May 27, 1990, New York Times

The ruling, issued Thursday, overturned a lower court's decision, and barring the unlikely chance of a rehearing or a quick reversal by the Supreme Court, the biography will be published in its original form next month. Michael Lee Hertzberg, who argued the case against the publisher, said the plaintiff had not decided whether to appeal.

The book is ""A Piece of Blue Sky: Scientology, Dianetics and L. Ron Hubbard Exposed,"" by Jon Atack. The author was a longtime member of the Church of Scientology. But he later turned against the church, contending that it was a dangerous cult, and his book is critical of Mr. Hubbard, a prolific author who died in 1986.

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