QAnon Is Here to Stay-Even Though Trump Lost - 2020-11-09

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F0.png QAnon Is Here to Stay-Even Though Trump Lost November 9, 2020, David Gilbert, Vice News

In the early hours of Election Day, Q, the anonymous forum poster whose cryptic messages are the basis for the QAnon conspiracy theory, uploaded a picture of a huge American flag along with a quote from Abraham Lincoln, and promised followers that "together we win."

But almost a week later, with President-elect Joe Biden declared the winner of the election, and some followers beginning to question their beliefs, Q has not been heard from since.

The length of the absence is not unprecedented. There have been gaps of weeks or months previously. In 2019, when Q's former home 8chan was shut down, they didn't post anything for three months until they reappeared on the rebranded 8kun.

But given how central President Donald Trump is to the conspiracy theory, Q's current lack of messages to their millions of followers is possibly his most significant period of silence to date.

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