QAnon conference organizer won't answer questions about whether Michael Flynn was paid - 2021-06-01

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F1.png QAnon conference organizer won't answer questions about whether Michael Flynn was paid June 1, 2021, David Corn, Mother Jones

Michael Flynn made some news this Memorial Day weekend. Not in a good way for a retired lieutenant general. Appearing at a "For God & Country" conference in Dallas that was associated with the nutty QAnon movement, Flynn was asked "why what happened in [[[:Category:Myanmar|Myanmar]]] can't happen here." The questioner, who called himself a "simple Marine," was referring to the brutal military coup that overthrew the democratically elected government there in early February and and installed a junta that has killed over 800 people and detained thousands—and he was citing the Burmese coup as a positive example. People in the pro-Trump, Big Lie-embracing crowd cheered to show their desire for similar action in the United States. Flynn replied, "No reason. I mean, it should happen here."

Twitter exploded. A former US Army general, a past head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Donald Trump's first national security adviser (if only for a blink of an eye)—Flynn appeared to be calling for the violent overthrow of the US government by the military because Joe Biden was elected president. Flynn's previous association with the paranoid and crazy QAnon-verse had spurred plenty of questions about him. But now he seemed to have gone full bonkers. Once the story hit that he had endorsed a military coup for the United States, he quickly claimed he had not said this and labeled the controversy "fake news." That is, he lied. (Reminder: he pleaded guilty to lying to FBI agents during the Trump-Russia investigation, and Trump fired him. Yet before leaving office, Trump pardoned Flynn.) And keep in mind that a major premise of the QAnon cult is that Biden's election was a hoax and that Trump remains the legitimate president and will soon be returned (somehow) to power. Such a Trump restoration can only happen through means that violate the US Constitution. So by merely hobnobbing with the QAnoners as if they are a respectable crew, Flynn is honoring the view that a legitimate election can (and will) be overturned in a coup-like fashion.

Flynn's remark drew much attention to the QAnonFest, where there were plenty of bizarre moments. Those included loony lawyer Sidney Powell stating that Trump would soon be reinstated as president and a new inauguration date has been set for him. Roger Stone's social media adviser urged the hanging of Hillary Clinton. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Tex.) took the stage to downplay the 1/6 seditious attack on the US Capitol and then later posed for a photo with a prominent QAnon promoter. And a baseball bat signed by Flynn was auctioned off, with someone paying $8,000 for the item.

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