Racist 'Groypers' Step up Attacks on Campus Conservative Groups - 2019-12-11

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F375.png Racist 'Groypers' Step up Attacks on Campus Conservative Groups December 11, 2019, Will Sommer, Daily Beast

Racist activists who call themselves "groypers" are stepping up their attacks on more mainstream conservative groups, hosting an event next week aimed directly at conservative campus group Turning Point USA.

Since October, the "groypers," who take their name from an obese cartoon toad who's like a more racist version of Pepe the Frog, have been showing up at campus events hosted by conservative groups like Turning Point and Young America's Foundation. They ask questions meant to push their anti-Semitic and racist beliefs into mainstream pro-Trump conservatism, and heckle speakers—even Donald Trump Jr.

The fight has generated new publicity for groyper leader Nick Fuentes, a 2017 Charlottesville marcher and Holocaust denier. Meanwhile, Turning Point has struggled with the questioners mobbing their events. Turning Point boss and Trump pal Charlie Kirk, who has become the focus for much of the so-called "America First" crew's enmity, tried to turn the tables on them in an appearance last month at the University of Houston.

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