Real Water – with added electrons! - 2011-04-21

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F345.png Real Water – with added electrons! April 21, 2011, Rebecca Hill, The Guardian

"Did you know that most of the water you're drinking every day may actually be damaging your health?"

This is the bold claim made by Nevada-based Affinity Lifestyles. Fortunately, they have the solution: Real WaterTM with E2 technology.

The Real Water website describes how the water we drink – from the water I have in my glass right now, to the water you made your cup of tea with this morning – has been "damaged".

In an attempt to blind the reader with science, there are reams of misplaced claims and pseudo-facts. Take the claim that "many food and beverages ... are devoid of electrons" – which would make them an entirely new state of matter.

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