Red Eyes Basis of Drug Diagnosis, Court Told - 1983-05-11

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F43.png Red Eyes Basis of Drug Diagnosis, Court Told May 11, 1983, Eve Zibart, Washington Post

A staffer at Straight Inc., a drug rehabilitation agency, testified in federal court in Alexandria yesterday that he "diagnosed" that college student Fred Collins had a drug problem because Collins had red eyes "symptomatic of marijuana use" during an interview.

Christopher Yarnold, who interviewed Collins at Straight's branch in St. Petersburg, Fla., conceded under questioning that Collins told him he had not smoked marijuana in more than three months.

Collins, 20, a sophomore at Virginia Tech, is seeking $750,000 in damages from Straight Inc. in U.S. District Court, contending that he was forced to remain in the program for 130 days and subjected to constant mental and physical abuse. Collins' family lives in Fairfax, where the agency recently opened a drug treatment program.

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