Republicans Gone Wild? - 2018-03-29

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F0.png Republicans Gone Wild? March 29, 2018, Camilla Mortensen, Eugene Weekly

Lockwood is a clever, biting, often charming millennial. Flamboyantly gay in tone, he also seems completely unconcerned about freaking out Democrats or his fellow Republicans.

A transplant from Colorado, Lockwood was called "flat-out deranged" by The Denver Post in an oft-quoted editorial before he came to Oregon late in 2016 to be a spokesman for Oregon's state Senate Republicans. Oregon Republicans, he says, are "much more accepting and open-minded in a lot of ways," citing an anti-gay House leader in Colorado.

Some of Lockwood's legislative press release gems have included an August 2017 release on a bill that provides expanded coverage for some Oregonians to access free reproductive health services. "Former abortion lobbyist Gov. Kate Brown signs into law Abortion Free for All," Lockwood writes.

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