Robocalling: One way to produce an 'enemies' list - 2012-03-16

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F185.png Robocalling: One way to produce an 'enemies' list March 16, 2012, Gary Shaul, blogs,

I've been working on some research into the voter suppression phone call scandal in which voters were misdirected to non-existent polling stations. I hope to have some of the detailed results published on the weekend. I've looked at the Elections Canada financial records of 96 Conservative candidates (including most of those listed by the Sixth Estate) with a particular eye on the "research and survey" lines. I also looked at the financial reports for all 55 Third Party campaigns.

While we've heard a lot about RackNine, Responsive Marketing Group (RMG) and Front Porch Strategies, I've identified up to 40 different service providers who were involved in these 96 Con campaigns. They are based in both Canada and the U.S.. As well as these private companies, there are a number of payments made to the Conservative Fund of Canada and/or the Conservative Party of Canada for research/surveys as well as the local riding associations themselves who will report on their finances later in the year (follow the money).

As reported on several occasions, the Catch 22 Campaign used auto-dialing to contact voters in 16 ridings. I thought I would outline the process to give readers a better idea of the mechanics before publishing the research findings (which still need some analysis and follow-up research).

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