Rock Star Obama Sure as Hell Triggered Trump - 2020-08-20

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F375.png Rock Star Obama Sure as Hell Triggered Trump August 20, 2020, Daily Beast

Barack Obama majorly triggered President Donald Trump on the third night of the Democratic National Convention while Kamala Harris got real. Luckily for us, long-time Democratic hand Phillipe Reines came on this DNC mini-episode of The New Abnormal to talk about it.

There were always going to be two gigantic rock star performances from Obama and Harris tonight that were going to trigger President Trump—"and sure as hell, they did!" said Rick. "You could disagree with Barack Obama about every policy thing under the sun, but you could always remember that the guy was a spectacular speaker and communicator, and he brought that shit tonight. I mean, he peeled the paint off the damn walls without raising his voice."

Reines nailed Trump's fury at Obama: "He was elected president twice. He got more votes twice. I think there's an intimidation there." Oh and, "He brings something to the table that really no one else in the world does, which is he can't be called a loser...".

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