Russians take action to combat Satanist crime - 2003-02-08

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F0.png Russians take action to combat Satanist crime February 8, 2003, Tom Parfitt, The Scotsman

This week, the pro-Kremlin youth organisation Moving Together threw its weight behind the campaign to stamp out ungodly worship.

The group placed a five-tonne stone at the entrance to St Petersburg's mayoralty in the Smolny palace, an act designed to "give weight" to their call for the city's Scientologists' Church to be closed. Moving Together considers the Scientologists to be a "satanic and criminal sect" whose premises should be closed down.

Activists have put up a tent in front of the Scientologists' Church on the city's Vosstaniya Square. "We have spent almost two weeks in front of the church and managed to reduce the inflow of new members to this organisation and to collect thousands of signatures under an appeal to the city authorities to close the sect," said a spokesman for the youth movement.

The Scientologists have protested that "those who oppose us are possibly trying to incite religious enmity".

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