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F347.png SCIENTOLOGY SPIED ON JIM CARREY TO GET HIM ON 'PURIF,' SAYS FORMER EXEC October 6, 2015, Tony Ortega, Underground Bunker

One of our most reliable sources, former Scientology executive Claire Headley, tells the Underground Bunker that in 2001 she was personally involved in a high-level project to entice actor Jim Carrey to begin taking Scientology courses, a project that not only involved the now-disappeared wife of Scientology's leader, but it also made use of a spy in Carrey's personal life.

Scientology and Jim Carrey are currently in the news after we broke a story on Wednesday that Carrey's girlfriend Cathriona White, who took her own life last week, had been a Scientologist. According to one report, her involvement in the controversial organization had become an issue in her relationship with the actor.

White left Ireland for California in 2009 and about a year later became involved in Scientology through its Hollywood Celebrity Centre. In 2012, she met Jim Carrey and began dating him, and her friends tell us that Carrey was aware of her involvement in the church. After about five months they broke up, but then earlier this year they started dating again. By then, our sources say, Cathriona had been paired with a Scientology actor, Travis Case, as her "twin," and she had completed Scientology's grueling "Purification Rundown" and had begun her "objectives," part of a course called the "Survival Rundown." She stalled on the course, we're told, and then, after Carrey reportedly broke up with her on September 24, she took her own life, and was discovered on September 28 by friends.

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