Says sect drags out projects - 2011-04-21

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F72.png Says sect drags out projects April 21, 2011, Jeff Jacobsen, Letter to Editor, Orangeville Citizen

I would like to point out that Scientology has a long history of dragging out construction programs.

For example, their Super Power building in Clearwater Florida had its groundbreaking in 1998, yet the building has never yet been completed. The church made continuous statements that the project would be done "by the end of the year" and such, but it has never been completed. You can see more such history in a letter I sent warning Clearwater at www.lisa

Also, Scientology does not like outsiders visiting. In fact, Scientology is trying to close down a highway that goes through their property north of Hemet, California. They turn their sprinklers to face the street and turn them on when protesters come by.

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