Scenes from Anonymous' 'Scientology Reconnect' Picnic - 2008-04-14

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F243.png Scenes from Anonymous' 'Scientology Reconnect' Picnic April 14, 2008, John DeSio, Runnin' Scared, Village Voice

"I am afraid to tell my father where I am today. I am afraid to tell him what I am doing."

A member of "Anonymous," who uses the online handle "PokeAnon," spoke those words on Saturday before a crowd of fellow anti-Scientology activists who have gathered at the East Meadow of Central Park for "Operation Reconnect." Organizers said they orchestrated the event to draw attention to the Church of Scientology's practice of "disconnection," a practice by which Church members are forced to distance themselves from critics of Scientology, even family members. Though the Church states that the practice is rare, critics say that is a lie: Scientologists are forced to disassociate from anyone who speaks out against the Church. PokeAnon's dad is a Scientologist, and he is afraid that his actions as part of Anonymous will cost him his father forever.

"This is not some fanatical Scientology sect which has perverted the church's doctrine. This vile policy, known as the disconnection policy, is inherent in their dogma," he said. "And now, because I demand action against a criminal organization, I am afraid to speak to my father. So a disconnection of sorts has already begun."

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