School Board Disruptions Escalate, Funded By Conservative Dark Money - 2021-09-27

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F0.png School Board Disruptions Escalate, Funded By Conservative Dark Money September 27, 2021, Jordan Hopkins, Unicorn Riot

An escalating series of demonstrations focusing on COVID-19 restrictions in public schools have created dangerous and chaotic conditions for school boards across the country in recent months. Egged on by a cadre of right-wing influencers, concerned parents from across the right-wing spectrum have flocked to local school board meetings in order to protest a new round of public health restrictions. As this narrative developed, a movement built to fight the alleged public adoption of 'critical race theory' was quickly redirected to target school boards. Behind the scenes, a shadowy network of conservative dark money entities has spent millions attempting to remake public education in their own image. Helped by a constellation of disinformation artists and alt-right celebrities, conservatives have revived a strategy that helped them gain control of thousands of school board seats during the Reagan era.

A complex network of shared influence ensures a steady stream of income for a wide ecosystem of right-wing influencers and parents' groups. Funded by groups like the Council for National Policy, advertised by conservative celebrities like Michael Flynn and enforced at the local level by a loose coalition of parents and militia members, the right-wing policy machine has focused all of its energy on the foundations of American public education. As confrontations between parents and school administration continue to escalate, the opportunity for violence only grows.

A Proven Model

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