Scientologist Buys Bankrupt Cult-Fighting Organization - 1996-12-01

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F6.png Scientologist Buys Bankrupt Cult-Fighting Organization December 1, 1996, Laurie Goodstein, Washington Post, Seattle Times

Martino said he put CAN's name-brand assets on the auction block only because Kisser herself asked to buy them. Her highest bid was $19,000.

The attorney who bought CAN's identity, Steven Hayes, said in an interview that he represents a group of several people he cannot name without "permission." He said they put up money of their own and money "from this country and other places." Hayes said he is a Scientologist, not an employee of the Church of Scientology. Hayes also had sued CAN in the early 1990s on behalf of several Scientologists who wanted to attend CAN's national conference, according to CAN attorneys.

Hayes said his group intends to revamp CAN so that "religions that have been attacked in the past would have an opportunity to at least show what they believe the truth to be."

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