Scientologist Secret File Revealed at Court Session - 1978-06-30

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F43.png Scientologist Secret File Revealed at Court Session June 30, 1978, Timothy S. Robinson, Washington Post

The Church of Scientology used a special filing system with the code name of "Red Box" to conceal any "proof that a Scientologist is involved in criminal activities," according to Scientology documents seized in an FBI raid on church headquarters in Los Angeles last July.

The disclosure of the "Red Box" filing system came at a hearing last month before U.S. District Judge Malcolm Locas in Los Angeles, who is considering a motion by the church to have the search ruled illegal.

Prosecutors disclosed at the same hearing that when the "Red Box" system was discovered during the search, they obtained a search warrant for another California location where additional "sensitive Red Box" documents were allegedly kept by the church. However, by the time FBI agents had arrived at that location, witnesses there told them the files had been hastily removed earlier that day, investigators said.

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