Scientologist controls college for naturopaths - 2015-09-06

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F92.png Scientologist controls college for naturopaths September 6, 2015, Gabrielle Monaghan, Sunday Times

CNM was set up in the UK in 1998 by Hermann Keppler, who then established colleges in Ireland, America, Canada and South Africa. He owns 80% of CNM's operations in Ireland, which include branches in Dublin, Cork and Galway, according to the Companies Registration Office.

Internal records of course completions at the Church of Scientology have been published online by Anonymous, a hacking collective that has protested against the church worldwide, and held demonstrations outside its Dublin mission. These records indicate Keppler has spent years progressing up the ranks of the church, which was founded by science fiction writer L Ron Hubbard in the 1950s.

A separate internal document disseminated by the church shows an image of Keppler with his arm around a woman who was campaigning for a Scientology media centre.

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