Scientologist is displeased with Dan - 2014-07-03

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F0.png Scientologist is displeased with Dan July 3, 2014, Luis Gonzalez, Letters, Roanoke Times

Your article ("Why the Hobby Lobby decision stinks," June 30) contains an offensive reference to Scientology. Substituting any other religion in place of Scientology in your comment illustrates how bigoted and inappropriate it was.

You would never write: "whether you believe their science-fiction space opera BS or not. Roman Catholics believe that the use of any form of birth control—including pills, which are among the most prescribed medicines in the United States—is tantamount to a sin."

The only product of a comment such as yours is to spread bigotry against Scientology. And if the press popularizes prejudice against one faith, whose faith is next?

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