Scientologists Are Trying to Brainwash Dalston's Hipsters - 2012-10-31

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F0.png Scientologists Are Trying to Brainwash Dalston's Hipsters October 31, 2012, Bunny Kinney, Vice News

If you've been anywhere near the inside of an East London kebab shop or minicab office in the past few weeks (and have been sober enough to remember anything you saw), you may have noticed a small pile of free, anti-drugs pamphlets on the counter. A sight that may have instantly reminded you of the terrible decisions you may or may not have made with your evening, such as shovelling the remainder of your wrap up your nose just before you were about to go home.

The Truth About Drugs appears, at first glance, to be yet another desperately out-of-touch attempt to make young people who go out a lot at night feel guilty about their lives. Then you read it and spot – among pages of dubious stats and cautionary tales so laughably extreme they read like Pulitzer-worthy pieces of satire – that the pamphlet was put together by an organisation called Foundation For a Drug-Free World.

It turns out, after a little research, that the foundation in question is a front group run by the Church of Scientology. The link between the church and the foundation isn't made explicit anywhere in the pamphlet, their adverts or on the FFAD-FW website, though, because – duh – that would put literally everybody off straight away.

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